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Thakhanoon Terrace
A Main Lounge with a
Supurb View of the Dawna
Tenasserim Range and
Khao Changpuak-Changplai
over Vajiralongkorn Reservoir.

Thakhanoon Terrace presently
serves as a main lounge for your
relax with free WiFi and free
light breakfast
is served here as
show below .
1. Grilled cheese sandwiches,
     grilled butter cake + strawberry sauce,
    with coffee/cea/ovealtine/ginger tea.
2. Toasts + fruit jam + real butter,
     grilled butter cake + strawberry sauce,
    with coffee/tea/ovealtine/ginger tea.
3. Chinese BBQ pork buns,
     grilled butter cake + strawberry sauce,
    with coffee/cea/ovealtine/ginger tea.
4. Ham, becon, sausage + fried egg +
    with coffee/cea/ovealtine/ginger tea.

between 7:30 - 10:30.

No use of butter products:
butter compound & butter blend
for bekery products.

For vegetarian breakfast, please inform
our staff in advance.

If local taste is preferred, follow the
links below.

Thakhanoon Terrace is in local
wooden thai pavillion manners with
her appearance combined with
traditional Thai country pavilion or
"Sala" and contemporary design,
Iproviding multi purposed areas,
lounge, breakfast and other meal
areas on the descended level with
a nice view of Vajiralongkorn Dam
Reservoir and Khao Changpuak
amongst the Dawna Range.

Between  October to January, if rain
falls normally, the reservoir is filled
up with fresh water from mountaions
and the forest, reflecting jade colour
of the surrounding. Very pleasant to
tspend time with one's favorite books.
Temperature seems to be cooler.
In some years there may be flood
situation. It however would not be so
long. Pleasant situation will resume.

In dry season, when the reservoir rim
recesses, a green field will appear
right along the reservoir, return to its
function. It is real pleasure to enjoy
their meals outdoor and relax there
after meals, watching cattles grazing
by with the unbelievably relaxing soft sound of distant chanting cowbells.

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