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This Service Closed
Camping Activity is not in service due to climate change in Amphoe Thong Pha Phum Areas.

Outdoor Activity Ground is located adjacent to the waterfront, on the south area of the land. At that area, the land seems to recess like a small bay. It looks very picturesque especially in an early morning.

Its location is perfect for landscape lovers. Its delightful scenery seems like an incomparable natural reward. Any camper would not miss an opportunity to spend time over nights in such natural embrace.

By the end of October, cool wind from the north regains power and dominate overall climate. It provides great opportunity for those who love outdoor life since the rain recesses to superior north wind. The reservoir is filled up with fresh water from the mountains surrounded and its rim entends and approach the lawn of this outdoor activity ground.

In the morning, cool mist prevails over the lake and overall landscape. So delightful for those who escape from complexity of urbanism to regain their vital force. Morning landscape seems like a taste of nectar for life. Relax under the shade watching the lake glittering in the afternoon. Soon the evening comes with supreme picturesque landscape.

Watching the moon silvering the lake in a full moon night is so enchanting. When a dark night visits, the night sky embellished with enormous twinkling stars would delight your spirit.

A campfire can be arranged upon request. Please notify our staff.

Bathrooms for men and wemen are situated near the lawn, just a few steps. &policies, please follow the link below.

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